Mobile Repair

Mobile phone running slow, not charging, screen broken dropped it in water, not turning on and more read on.

We at Teqrepair, being awesome can repair can diagnose and offer the sagest of advise on whether we can bring your mobile phone back to life.


Dependent on how your initial over the phone or chat diagnostic went.  At Teqrepair we find it best that you bring your mobile phone in so can do a full diagnostic.

In the cases, such as broken screen the problem is self evident, so just bring it in and we will fix it….!


Water Damage


If you have dropped you phone in water, the first thing to do is not to switch it on, bring it in to us and we will diagnose it for you and advise you accordingly.


Why Teqrepair?

  • 12 month warranty on parts repairs, (except for water damage repairs)

  • No Fix, No Fee

  • Fast, Friendly and Awesome service

What We Repair

  • Broken\Damaged screens
  • Touchscreen repair
  • Audio problems
  • Charging issues
  • Water damage
  • Software issues

What We Don't Do

  • Extreme liquid damage – This is normally the case in which the mobile owner has tried to fix the phone, causing further damage
  • Damaged logic\mainboards
  • Blacklisted handset – Phones reported stolen and blacklisted by the networks

Business Support

If you are business with multiple mobiles and require a on stop, for all your mobile phone support and repairs, we can help you.

On Place

Setup a support contract with us and get a peace of mind knowing that your devices are being cared for by an experienced team of technician. We can manage these assets and you have a singular point for invoicing.

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Let's Get it Fixed

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