Data Recovery

Teqrepair data recovery is second to none, whatever the issue hard disk, RAID arrays, USB and more, it is our job to get you data back. Whether its was an accidental deletion, formatting or total hardware based failure.


Getting it checked won’t cost you a thing.  So Get in Touch.


Dependent on how your initial over the phone or chat diagnostic went.  At Teqrepair we find it best that you bring your storage device in so can do a full diagnostic.

As soon as the diagnostics is completed we will inform you either by email or a phone call, to discuss what is the best resolution.


Data Recovery


Faulty hard drives rapidly deteriorate when they fail. Turning off the device prevents complication and further unintended damage.

Ignore this and the cost of recovery, won’t be cheap.


Why Teqrepair?

  • No Data, No Fee.
  • We provide post data recovery support to ensure how the recovered data is deployed on your computer and how it can be used.
  • We will go the extra mile and explore ALL  standard and proprietary methods and processes to ensure a successful data recovery.

What We Recover

  • Hard Drives
  • RAID
  • USB
  • Memory Cards

Back Up Solutions

At Teqrepair, we offer robust and scaleable, onsite and cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

We have brilliant cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions for SOHO, Medium, Large to Enterprise level solutions.

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Hybrid Backup Solution

The hybrid backup solution basically, means that your most critical data is stored in the Cloud and non critical stored onsite.

Advantage is cost, however the biggest advantage is that you critical data is stored offsite in the cloud.

Onsite Backup Solutions

For small companies this is the most cost effective solution, this does not mean companies of other sizes should discard this option.



The biggest threat, that is increasing on an existential level, is RANSOMWARE.  This threat can take hostage of you data and cost thousands of pounds.  With a robust and secure backup solution you can minimise the risk and costs, just ask the NHS.



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