Computer, Desktop or PC Repair

We offer repair and software support for all the major brands, Dell, Apple, HP, Acer, HP, Asus, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung and so forth. In addition we also deal with generic hardware too, so basically we cover everything.

If the solution is to upgrade a component, we can do this and we can supply the hardware also.


Dependent on how your initial over the phone or chat diagnostic went.  At Teqrepair we find it best that you bring your computer in so can do a full diagnostic.

No Fix, No Fee

After diagnosing the issue, we can then make a decision on what course of action will be needed to get you up and running. If we can’t fix it, we have a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ policy.


Software Issues

Please, keep in mind in regards software as we deal with many types, we have the scope and ability to deal with most software issues, by the mere fact that we have years of experience in getting a resolutions.

Sometimes, knowing what to ask and how ask software vendor support teams allows us to get a more speedier fix.

Remote or Onsite Fix

If you are busy, or the issue is urgent as long as you have a internet connection, we can carry out remote fixes.  If not than we can dispatch a tech member.

Software Expertise


  • Operating Systems – Microsoft, Apple, IOS and Android.
  • Office Suites, browsers, emails clients, popular business software.
  • We can also offer support for other popular software products, even though they are not listed.  Please, get in touch and ask.

Virus & Other Malware Removal

Once infected, it is to late your computer has been compromised. Virus’s, spyware, keyloggers, malware, not only slow you computers down, but can impact your privacy.


Bring it in and we will using our enterprise level virus removal tools, get rid of these pesky bugs.


  1. After removal we recommend a robust solution, ESET Anti Virus or Internet Security.
  2. If the infection of the device is so bad that even our Virus removal tools cannot resolve it, we recommend a complete refresh of the system.  An example of a severe case is a Ransomware attack.


If your computer is infected, the longer you leave the more chances your banking and personal data can be endangered and stolen


Computer Slow

If you computer is running slow, finding out the reasons can be quite daunting.  This is where we can help you, with our years of experience and expertise.  We deal with all manner of clientele, from Home Users, Gamers to Businesses, so we understand each niches requirements.


  1. Infected with Virus’s or other Malicious Software.
  2. Running of third-party software, inadvertantly activating from websites running in the background.
  3. Not enough memory.
  4. The latest games require, better and newer hardware.
  5. Your computer is just to old.

Why Teqrepair?

This is where our expertise and experience comes in handy, we can help identify these issues and fix them, speeding up your computer. We can help you find the bottlenecks in hardware and advise you on what the be most cost effective option.


Let's Get it Fixed

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